Sweet Little Resistance #1: Sugar

Comics by Elizabeth Brei
2 ratings

Sugar is just trying to live her life when she's approached by a mysterious woman in a coffee shop who claims to know something about her--that she has a gift. And Sugar does have a gift, though it usually feels more like a curse. But when she's offered the chance to do something good in the world with this power she never asked for, to join a team of women who all have their own special something, she's not so sure she wants the responsibility--who has time to be a magical girl anyway?

Exploring themes of friendship, fandom, and gender roles, Sweet Little Resistance is a 6-part series of short comics drawn by a rotating cast of incredible artists that answers the question: What if manic pixie dream girls were actually magical girls--and what if they didn't like boys all that much?

#1 Credits:

Written by Elizabeth Brei

Character Designs by Lisa Sterle

Art by Dakota Bardy

Designed, lettered, and edited by Danny Djeljosevic

Cover by Victoria Watkins

2 ratings
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  • Length
    12 pages
  • Size17.7 MB
  • Length12 pages


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Sweet Little Resistance #1: Sugar

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